BRAZIL – Bolsonaro pendants demands militarily occupation

Fascists in Brazil have defended, in recent days, a much broader military occupation of the Amazon. Among them the Bolsonaro pendant, Olavo de Carvalho. "In the Amazon, nobody knows what is going on. (...) The only solution is what Bolsonaro says: to send the Army there. The rest is no use”, he said, suggesting a militarily occupation.

The retired military man and federal deputy for Rio de Janeiro, the scholarship holder Joziel Ferreira (PSL), clamoring for military intervention, said: "May the Army occupy all the spaces in the Amazon so that all the international NGOs that take our wealth and leave us the mud will be expelled from Brazil". In the rest of the speech, he also said that "the Army has to assume, together with the Armed Forces, the leading role in this nation".

The statements confirm the analysis contained in the 226th edition of the revolutionary Brazilian magazine A Nova Democracia, according to the fires in the Amazon, caused by landowners, which have direct links with stock exchange and fascist groups, whose most serious objective was to justify and promote the militarization of the Amazon. It is the region where the struggles for land and the fighting peasant movements are concentrated.

Under the justification of "firefighting", the government has decreed a "Guarantee of Law and Order" in the Amazon, valid until September 24 of this year. Even today, 4,500 soldiers are occupying the region, employing 250 vehicles and 11 aircraft.

This will advance the militarization that will serve imperialism and the old Brazilian state in their bloody war against the justified and growing struggle of the landless and poor peasants for their land!


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