ISRAEL - memorial of the martyrs and new aggressions

Amidst the Israel elections, Palestinians are holding a national memorial day for their martyred comrades, demanding that their mortal remains to be returned to Palestine. Israel is currently holding hundreds of bodies of revolutionary fighters, who mostly were martyred during the second Intifada. The spirit of those fighters is immortal, it lives on in the justified struggle of the Palestinian people. By withholding their bodies, Israel is showing their true face under the democratic mask they wear during the elections.

The cruel oppression against the people of Palestine is accompanied by more warmongering attacks against the Arab world. Strategically, the Israel bureaucratic rulers have only proven themselves to be still loyal servants of US Imperialism in their planned aggression in the region. In Syria, in the Aqrabah area close to Damascus, Israel attacked Sunday the 25th close to midnight, claiming considerable damage. The attack was directed against “Iranian forces”. In Lebanon Israel attacked multiple times. Targeted amongst other things a Lebanese-based Palestinian group called Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command. This attack was different from the others, since Israel does not bomb Lebanon frequently, unlike Syria and Palestine. Lebanese state authorities spoke about a “declaration of war”. In Iraq, there were some attacks against strategical targets, killing at least one. In Palestine, Israel carried out some bomb attacks, in “retaliation” against some Hamas air strikes earlier. They killed three Hamas Police men.

Of course, this is nothing new for Palestinians. The oppression has been bloody and ongoing since the foundation of Israel and before. The Friday protests alone have so far had over 6000 casualties (in conservative estimates). This shows us that, different from what they tell during the elections, there is no democracy in Israel. Real democracy will only be possible when the people of Palestine and the oppressed masses will rise up and end the foreign rule of imperialism, mainly and mostly US imperialism.

Freedom for Palestine! Death to imperialism! Long live international solidarity!