IRELAND - Actions in solidarity with chairman Gonzalo!

We want to document actions from the Irish Socialist Republican group. They have made graffiti in solidarity with the MLM and the releas of Chairmann Gonzalo and Abimael Guzmán. This report is found on the Facebook webpage of the: Anti Imperialist Action Ireland "The Irish Socialist Republican group has done a series of graffiti in Dublin, capital, demanding freedom for Abimael Guzmán, President Gonzalo, head of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) and the Peruvian Revolution, imprisoned and held incommunicado since 1992. In the graffiti, the group also wrote Viva MLM , referring to the ideology of the proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, whose synthesis and wide dissemination was the work of the Peruvian Revolution. The photos were posted by Anti Imperialist Action Ireland on a social network. In Peru, the Revolution continues, despite the fall of President Gonzalo and the disorganization that affected the Party. Today, according to information published on the Internet and through international documents, it is known that the PCP is in “general reorganization in the middle of the popular war” and its Popular Liberation Army continues to have strong guerrilla activity in the Apurímac, Ene River Valley regions. and Mantaro."

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