BRAZIL - Large estate owners set the Amazonas on fire!

On the 10th and 11th of August the large estate owners openly called for "the Day of Fire", a political action in which multiple fires were started in order to gain more ground for farming and agricultural purposes. The fires quickly spread out to the joy of the large estate owners, but they also got out of control pretty quick reaching 72.843 fires as of 19th of August!

In the wake of the fire the existences many poor peasants were destroyed. Crops, houses, belongings and even peasants fell victim to the fires, many dying in the midst of it. The ones, who managed to escape their villages, came back to find nothing but ashes.

These coordinated fires where laid in the Pará region, throughout the Amazon region, in the Midwest and also on the triple border with Bolivia and Paraguay. According to some reports the fires were started in support of Bolsonaro's pro-landowner policies in order to destroy forests and preservation areas. By doing this the large estate owners increase the border of their properties over the now charred parks.

The imperialists of the EU are trying to use the burning of the Amazonas to paint themselves as progressive and ambientalist, when in reality they are driven only by their own interests. On one hand, the European imperialists have a great interest in seizing the natural resources of Brazil. Claiming the Amazonas to be "our home" and pushing for intervening in the fire, they are opening the country even more to imperialist exploitation. On the other hand, there is the USA, which on the contrary to the EU, did not outcry Bolsonaro's policy. The USA stood neutral in face of the whole controversy, knowing how convenient the fires would turn out for the advance of their criminal mining activities in the region.

In the national level, between the large estate owners, contradictions are arising on how to deal with the whole situation. While some parts pressure the government to advance with the deforestation policy, other parts are fearing the negative effects these policies may have on exports. The latter is due to the EU threatening to stop the Mercosur trade agreement, if the Brazilian state does not handle the fires according to their wishes.

Bolsonaro and some generals, taking advantage of the critical situation and international pressure, have mobilized the army to "help stop the fires". The troops were deployed to the states of Amazonas, Acre, Rondônia, Roraima, Mato Grosso, Pará and Tocantins, which are all rural regions of Brazil. This militarization of the region has put the poor peasants alert, especially those fighting for land!

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