SERBIA - Occupation, slavery and war

Following we publish an unofficial translation of an article of the Patija Rada from Serbia about the workers-movemnt, imperialism and the perspective of struggle on Balkan:


Occupation, slavery and war

Fan of the general breakdown, when everything looks like it´s from today till tomorrow, and the truth is retreating upon thousands of lies, tragicomically batting itself in this kingdom of absurd, is our reality. Just like it is the reality that everything that´s humanistic and worthy is being ridiculed. That „spooks od evil“ are showing up, sure that their time has again come. And when billions of oppressed are humbly, and more and more militantly, waiting for this „tomorrow“ to come. And when dozens of millions of capitalistic pigs are living in fear of this „tomorrow “. What to say about the occupation of Balkan people?

Occupation of Balkan people is in its finishing phase. All of the elements of occulated countries are here. There are marionette-like regimes whose governments, not only blindly listen to „the stronger leader“ (mostly multinational – USA, EU, and Serbia also Russia and China), but are also ready to sell everything that can be sold – from national identity, resources of their country, to pushing their own people in the service of the occupators, to the voluntary slavery in services of capitalistic hyenas, no matter where they come from. Occupation is often being forecasted as „liberation“ or „promising“. It was like this now too. They promised Balkan people to live in an arranged Europe and peace. But considering the fact that these Promises didn´t arrive yet, and won´t arrive, Europe is showing it´s real face – a face of an occupied and servile marionette of US imperialism and a face of cruel colonisatior and robber wherever they can be that. Their banks have like vanguard occupied the territory and all the money of the citizens of this regions. And what’s even worse – they forced these citizens into a „fishnet“ from which there is no easy escape. After that, their companies, whose goal is to suck out everything they can and to modify modern slavery on this capitalisms periphery, have arrived. Military occupational boot came with another cause, with a goal to assure this occupation, discipline every struggle of the revolted masses and recruit the people for conquest missions over the world and defend global capitalism.

Slavery of Balkan people is made of complete loss of the workers’ rights that they won, to the treatment of every worker as a simple ware, even as something that could be recycled through some other „copy“ for same or smaller wage. Slavery is, in their thousands of laws and regulations, like modern chains that keep slaves in permanent training with non-stoppable obligations. Slavery also comes from „spiritual dictatorship“or actually, their media, that is soliciting „standards of living“ and the rest of their intellectual content. And slavery is getting used to all the chains even when you can´t feel them anymore, to restrain you and let you live in an illusion that you´re not just a „talking object “. What else to say about the slavery of Balkan people?

Working class in the Balkans has been broken a long time ago. It has instead of accessing modern proletariat, with constant ideological dulling and losing the class consciousness, and then with accepting nationalism through wars in Yugoslavia, experienced its own fragmentation and ended up in some inter-space. That kind of a working class could not provide a serious resistance to the upcoming nationalism, wars, nor to unpromising privatization and loss of their elementary rights. That kind of working class is currently not representing any serious resistance against capitals dictatorship. At the same time, army of precariat with its partial class consciousness is growing, but it is not ready for more serious class struggles yet. That is why most of us try to find the rescue within running away – running away from ghetto poverty in hope that it is better somewhere else in the world. And that it is easier to wear these other chains. But, the proletarian masses in historical context can only temporarily be disorientated and without a developed class consciousness, because the circumstances are from day to day making new conditions for its strengthening. That is also the case with the working class in this regions and that chaos and capitalisms crisis is going to make them grab their weapons again – class consciousness and organized working class struggles. What to say about the upcoming war?

World War Three is overcoming the phase of trade wars and going into the phase of military accidents all across the globe. The historical „button“ for a higher phase is being waited for. Alliances are mostly defined. Fights for „the undecided “ are being fought and there is no higher force that can stop the exaltation of the struggle, neither on the existing hotspots, not on the new regions.

What to actually do?

Our attitude is that in a struggle against occupation, we should encourage and strengthen libertarian feelings and libertarian conscience of our people. Thereby, a struggle is to be led again all of the chauvinistic and fascistic movements and paid groups in the countries until their complete destruction. Out attitude implies that in the struggle against the slavery of capitalisms dictatorship, we should mobilize disempowered masses on all these small class wars – for rights to strike, for occupation of factories, demonstrations, and for destroying all of their barbed wires and walls around Balkan ghetto… Up until making a more radical and organized movement of disempowered who will make this revolutionary breakup with the existing condition with the goal of destruction of leading class.

Our attitude implies that propaganda against the presence of the occupational military forces on the Balkan territory should be developed until conditions to oppose that force have been created. Also, our attitude implies that propaganda against serving that force in the struggle against folks of the world and fights between imperialists themselves should be developed. We are also happy to receive every bullet that the slaved people are about to fire on soldiers of Balkan territory who went to serve imperialistic military force, weather as normal soldiers or their paid gangs under a variation of different names and flags.

Our attitude is on the line of former partisan struggle for liberation of Yugoslavian people Our attitude is on the line of former partisan struggle for liberation of Albanian people Our attitude is on the line of former partisan struggle for liberation of Greek people

To make a force of people´s struggle! To make a Balkan struggle movement!

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