INTERNATIONAL - Actions of international solidarity for Theo!

We want to report on the various solidarity actions and activities which took place in a lot of countries to support Comrade Theo, imprisoned by the French State. In a lot of countries activists and revolutionaries followed the call of international solidarity for Comrade Theo, a young activist, worker and revolutionary from the French State, who struggled within the yellow vest protests. In his letter he showed the importance of the slogan "Freedom for all political prisoners!" and the necessity to struggle against imperialism, by which he underlines the internationalist attitude of revolutionaries. He is a good example for the activists and revolutionaries in the whole world for his steadfastness and determination in the struggle against the attacks of the French ruling class against the people and to defend the people's interests. In the following we report solidarity actions from Brazil, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and USA.

Freedom for all political prisoners! In the face of repression, let’s make blows for blows! Down with imperialism and its guard dogs! Proletarians of all countries, unite! Let’s dare to fight! Let’s dare to defeat!

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro


Ireland: Dublin

Belgium: Bruxelles


Canada: Montreal

USA: Houston and Austin


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