BRAZIL – LCP responds to Bolsonaro: „The peasants will have their guns at hand“

We publish an unofficial translation from an article published in A Nova Democracia:


In the inauguration of the Agrishow in Riberao Preto this 29th of April, Bolsonaro declared that the landowners that murder people, who invade their lands, will not be processed or condemned for their crimes. He also promised to send to Congress a law project that will define the struggle for land as terrorism.

At the same time as he offers cover for the crimes of large estate ownership, Bolsonaro extends the benefits of the large estate owners.

He also anounced to the robbers of public lands and of poor peasants, the large estate owners, to be more specific the barons of the agrobusiness, that the rural insurance in his first year of government will be of 1 billion reales (an increase of 125%). He also asked for lower interest rates on the loans of the large estate owners contracted with the Bank of Brazil: another party for these parasites that only export and don‘t put even one bean on the Brazilians‘ plate.

Before, the administration of these sharks had been renovated with an exemption of 40 billion taxes on the agricultural input, of which the majority was being sold by multinationals that are part of cartels.

In his speech in Agrishow, nothing new, more of the same, other than the open defense of the use of weapons and the genocide on the fields. Servant, wise and blatant, he said what he was thinking and what satisfied the leaders of the party.

The billionaire tax exemptions for agrobusiness barons agrobusiness transnational corporations, along with the trillionaire interest paid to the bankers and the remittances of profits abroad from big companies, have never stopped being practiced by any government that has preceded it in the last 30 years, only to keep those, who like to fill their mouths sweet talking the „ democratic state of law“ of this old order of exploitation and oppression. This did break Brazil, and not the miserable expenses of the state in health, education and pension, as the four winds proclaim today‘s assault social welfare.

The impunity to kill peasants, indigenous people, quilombolas, lawyers, priests and proletarian activists, who fight for land, bread, work and justice is also nothing new. It has always been this way.

Treating the consequent struggle of the people for the rights and the demands and the popular protests against the abuses and injustices of this old state of large estate owners and great bourgeoisie as terrorist is something Bolsonaro‘s predecessor had already done with the Antiterrorist Law, after the great rebellions of the youth in 2013 and 2014. And the imperialism, especially the US-American, has been operating with this mantra in the country since the civil-military coup of 1964.

What‘s new in all of this, always practiced, but never talked about, is that it came from the mouth of the president of the republic, in fact elected with only 30% of the votes of Brazilians allowed to vote, in the most demoralized elections of all the editions of the electoral farce of the last 30 years.

In order to try save this brutal system of exploitation and oppression of the terrestrial sharks and the finances, servants of the Northamerican imperialists, of their agonizing crisis in the middle of the general and worldwide crisis of imperialism, the genocidal, rotten and decaying state unleashed its preventive reactionary offensive against the people and against Brazil.

Aside from the banks, since imperialism is the phase of capitalism and the predomination of the capital of the financial monopoly, the best business in the world is to be a large estate owner in Brazil! They rob public and private lands, practice slave work, don’t pay taxes, they have insurance against losses (guaranteed profit) and they can kill with impunity. So much servitude, absurdity, priviledge, so much liberalism, so much “modernity” and so much fascism.

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