Austria - Freedom for Theo!

Following we publish pictures of activities in Austria for the Freedom of Theo, a political prisoner in the French State. Revolutionary activists in Austria organised first actions in Solidarity and also spread the stenght and the example of Theo, as a worker and revolutionary, to the masses in Austria. We also got a short message from Activists from Austria:

„As antifascists and young revolutionaries in Austria heard about the arrestation of Theo, a comrade, a young worker and revolutionary in the French State, fist activities for his release were organised in different parts of Austria. In the spirit of internationalism the activists spread posters for the release of Theo to show their solidarity. A few activists also painted greetings of solidarity on paper, to send the young revolutionaries in the French State strength for the further struggle - until the freedom of Theo. Its right to rebel!“

Freedom for Theo!

Freedom for all Political Prisoners!

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