ECUADOR - Struggle of the poor peasants

Comrades from Ecuador published several statements in early August on the struggle of the masses in this oppressed nation. Since it is a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country in which the main force of the democratic revolution is the poor peasants, the peasants' struggle for their land is also one of the main struggles. In a statement of August 10, the comrades explain the situation of manual mining. There are of 4600 people working there 65% farmers who have undertaken this work instead of their small fields. A prerequisite for this mining is that the land be taken from the poor and middle peasants, for example in the provinces of El Carchi, Esmeraldas and Imbabura in northern Ecuador, where gold is sought. The whole thing is due to the presence of paramilitary troops, who often have connections to the police or military, who are there repressing people. The comrades declare: The rebellion is justified ! No more land for transnational mining companies, landowners and paramilitaries! The land to the poor peasants!

Another statement concerns the Moreno government, which has been hit hard by a massive financial deficit, unstoppable growth in unemployment, violence in the streets and prisons, corruption, the inability to pay for state employees - and not least, it has suffered a moral bankruptcy , The last statement by the President exalts child labor, in the name of entrepreneurship, which means that any unemployed or underemployed person will stand on the streets and sell anything that is possible.

The Moreno government has issued debts of more than $ 4,500 million to the big businessmen, but wants to introduce a "solidarity tax" for the Ecuadorians to pay unpaid public employees for months. He takes the money from the pockets of the masses, the thousands of workers he has left in unemployment.

The comrades explain: The masses make history, they need the correct ideological leadership, that is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo thinking. For the children on the streets, for the unemployed, for the people without pension, for the landless: The rebellion is justified!

Comrades write about the recent mass struggles in Ecuador, no doubt that health workers have shown the greatest mobilization and belligerence in the country. The comrades declare that the opportunists of the so-called National Civic Assembly are followed by no one except groups of the previous president. These opportunists are not even social democrats, and in turn, when they ruled, criminalized organizations and people's mobilizations. The opportunists want nothing but to pull the masses on the bureaucratic route.

The comrades show that the organizations in Ecuador, moving away from the bureaucratic path of mobilizations and struggles, come together for the end of the hunger and repressive regime of Moreno, such as the Front for the Defense of the Workers in Imbabura, in the Front for the Defense of Struggles of the people of Ecuador.


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