INDIA - Suda Bharadwaj temporarily out of jail

The progressive political activist Suda Bharadwaj was temporary released from jail on Friday. Bharadwaj is a lawyer, and a civil rights activist. She has in the past defended the struggle of the Adivasi, India’s natives, and Daliths, the poor casteless, who are fighting against land grabbing in Chattisgarh, a very poor district of India, but very rich in natural resources. The companies that benefit from the land grab all produce for the profit of the imperialist countries, mainly US imperialism.

Because that, Suda Bharadwaj was persecuted. She was arrested in the Elgar Parishad case together with nine other activists, among them Varavara Rao. Those nine activists were put on trial under the “Unlawful Activities Prevention Act”. This law is anti-democratic, it allows the fascist old Indian state to arrest everyone it deems anti-government.

As in Suda Bharadwaj’s case. She is accused of being a member of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). The only connection: the CPI(Maoist) is the most consequent defender of the Adivasi and the people in general against the imperialists.

This is the reason she will only be able to leave jail on Friday with a police patrol, to attend her fathers funeral. It is of course a good thing that Ms Bharadwaj will be able to attend her fathers funeral. But releasing people just to capture them again a few days later is also a well established form of psychological torture used by the fascist old Indian state against its political prisoners. The fact that she is released for these days of the funeral shows also the strength of the democratic and revolutionary movement and the solidarity work with the political prisoners. That the old Indian state has to make concessions shows the broad support and recognition of the activists and revolutionaries.

Because of that, all anti-fascist, anti-imperialist and revolutionary forces need to demand the immediate release of Suda Bharadwaj and all political prisoners in India.

Freedom to all political prisoners in India!

Death to imperialism!

Long live international solidarity!

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