ZIMBABWE - 2.3 Million are facing starvation

One year passed since the new president Emmerson Mnangagwa is in power. He promised the country a new era, a "return to democracy" with the mantra "open up for businness". The result was a historical inflation and prices increased. In beginning of 2019 there were uprisings against the increase of oil prices and seven protesters were shoot. The "open up" policies could be seen in the strengthened influence of US-Imperialism.

When president Mnangagwa met with US Assistant Secretary (Bureau of African Affairs) at the US State Department, Mr Tibor Nagy, the US-Imperialists called up for the opening up policies and said: “I met with Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa today. I stressed the urgent need to hold security forces accountable for acts of violence committed against Zimbabweans including in August 2018 and January/February 2019 and the importance of real political and economic reforms.”

Now after the "opening up" the country faces even more poverty and starvation. 2.3 Millions of people are affected and don't know how to secure their living. It can be seen that the words about "opening up" and "reforms" meant nothing else than "opening up" the country for the interests of the imperialists to deepen exploitation of the people in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe under Mugabe, even though it was never really indipendent from imperialism, went very far with expropriation of land from the imperialists, giving it to the masses of the people. That was a problem for imperialists, they want "opened" counries for their investments and for cheap labour. They want to say which kind of reforms should be made. So they supported the political change for president Mnangagwa.

The Zimbabwean people have seen that the "opening up reforms" even more open up their country for plunder and exploitation. Thats why they keep on struggling against the rising prices and poverty.

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