USA - Mass shootings of fascists in the USA

Last weekend two mass shootings were carried out by two tendencies of the reaction in the USA.

El Paso, Texas:

The mass shooter, Patrick Wood Crusius murdered 22 people and injured 24 more in El Paso, Texas. The city is known for its big Latino community and the active transit of Mexicans into and out of the city. Like with the Christchurch mass shooting, hours before the shooting a manifesto was also published on the reactionary website 8chan. In this manifesto the shooter also based himself on the fascist conspiracy theory of the Big Exchange. This theory sees an exchange taking place between the "national" white population and other peoples. This time the targeted people were not Muslims, but Mexicans. The killer justified his killings as defending Texas from a "Mexican invasion".

This theory of the Big Exchange has been spreading and cementing itself in the ideology of the fascists around the world. While the Alt-right and the Identitarian movements uphold this theory, political bourgeois parties are also losing their inhibition towards or showing open support to it. That's why the discussion on strict gun laws, which the liberals have inflamed again, is nothing more than an attack towards the masses of the US. While it not only changes focus of the actual topic at hand (the ideological basis of the growing mass shootings and fascist attacks), it also takes away the democratic right of the people to arm themselves.

Dayton, Ohio:

13 hours later of the El Paso shooting another mass shooting took place in the city Dayton, Ohio. The shooter, Connor Stephen Betts, killed 9 people and injured 27 more. His motives are stated to still be unclear, but it's been said there was no political or racial motivation behind it. What is clear is that Betts had been inculcated with reactionary US-imperialist ideology throughout his life. He had developed a deep hate for the masses, which mainly showed itself in his hate towards women.

Since the attack occurred soon after the first shooting, in which the shooter was rightly branded a domestic (fascist) terrorist, the second shooter opened a new discussion on "far-left" terrorism. In the investigations following the shooting, Brett was found to have sympathies for violence against police and admiration for militant antifa activism. Brett's reactionary positions and actions contradict the "ideology" the reaction is trying to masquerade him with. In a poor attempt to paint "far left activists" as enemies of the people, the US-imperialist state is trying to reduce the weight of the growing fascist terror and piece together a leftist terrorist threat. The more reactionary parts of the US did not wait and took the opportunity to propose a law that will brand "far-left activists/antifa" as terrorists.

These developments show clear signs in a rise of fascism in the US. On one hand there are a growing number of fascist attacks, but more importantly there are attacks against the masses to organize and arm themselves. Adding to that, Trump is trying to negotiate gun-restriction-laws for more repressive immigration policies. In short, there is a rise of fascist attacks, the rights to bear arms is being restricted, acts of defiance towards fascism is being branded as terrorism and the most vulnerable minority groups are facing further repression.

The current situation calls for the masses of the US to organize under a revolutionary leadership and to struggle against this reactionary and fascist positions, which should be spread with such an attack. It is only through the revolutionary path that fascism will indefinitely be smashed and that US-imperialism will face its defeat. Fend off the attacks of the bourgeois state, organize and move forward in the struggle!

Death to fascism!

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