RUSSIA – Protests against the authorities in Moscow

On the 8th of September are local elections in Moscow. Nearly every bigger bourgeois Media reports about the Protests against some authorities last weekend at the 27th of july. Because 57 candidates from the opposition was defeated by the electoral commission, some well known candidates called the masses to demonstrate against the commission, the Kremlin faithful president Sergej Sobjanin and the operational forces. In the last months there was already a Demonstration and in the middle of July about 20.000 people have participated. The authorities have announced that in the case of not approved Protest they will crack down hard with the people therefore, the authorities did not allow the demonstrations. According to police 3500 people where in front of the town hall. Special forces provoked the people what they did not like and police had arrested more than 1300 people among them all 57 candidates. The electoral commission said already some months before that all of the signature-lists of the 57 candidates are not correct and the whole thing looks like it has been manipulated.

It is of course anti democratically when the opposition can not participate in the election, but from a revolutionary view elections are not at all democratic, but the point is that even the bourgeois do not stick to their rules and.There was a hypocritical criticism from the EU spokeswoman Maja Kocijanicic that “the disproportionate use of force to peaceful protesters are against the rights of Freedom of expression and assembly”. For sure it should be criticized and sharply condemned if police are acting like this but when it comes from the EU side we should ask us why do they not attach great importance to rights of Freedom of expression and assembly in France, where it comes more often to a “state of emergency” especially since the “gilet jaune” movement where special forces and police crack down hard and they are allowed constantly violate these rights. Or the coursing against Protesters of the G20 summit at Hamburg. We can see that the the difference is that the EU try to keep there peaceful democratic mask to the outside, which is not always easily recognizable and makes the whole thing more dangerous.

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