INDIA - Comrade Ajith is free: A victory of people's war and international Solidarity

„Comrade Murali’s [Ajith‘s] arrest in particular is one of the biggest losses suffered by our Party and the Central Committee.“

This was written by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India(maoist) in a declaration in May 2015, only seven days after the arrest of comrade Ajith on the 9th of May 2015. This assessment of the CC of the CPI(maoist) is based on the great role of comrade Ajith in service of the new-democratic revolution in India, as well as his contributions in service of the proletarian world revolution.

All the more the 23 of July 2019, the day of the release of comrade Ajith of the Pune prison, is a day of victory and celebration for all antiimperialists and revolutionaries around the world! We want to express our pleasure and our red greetings, our „Lal Salam“, to the comrade Ajith in spirit of international Solidarity.

The release of comrade Ajith is first of all a victory of the progressing peoples war in India. Despite a counterrevolutionary offensive against the revolution and the people's war since more then 10 years, the Indian reaction and its imperialist masters was not able to destroy the people's war. In the opposite, difficulties in the could get overcome and new advances could be made. The actual release of comrade Ajith threw the organs of repression of the old Indian state, this compromise, shows clearly the power of people's war under the leadership of the CPI(maoist). It shows also, that fascist laws like the law for 'prevention of illegal activities' (UAPA), which is used as pretext for arrests of forces of the revolution and the peoples movement, like Ajith, are a question of the relation of power between revolution and counterrevolution.

The release of comrade Ajith is also a victory of Solidarity work. Since comrade Ajith's arrest in 2015 forceful campaigns for his release were organised, mostly in India, but also on an international level. In a common International Call in 2019, the Solidarity work with the political prisoners and the people's war in India got a strong base and numerous forces in different countries all over the world followed this call decisively and with the strength of international solidarity. "We defend Comrade Ajith, who put his whole life in the service of the CPI(maoist) and People's War, the New Democratic Revolution. The struggle against imperialism is justified and requires international solidarity and solid support." Based on this commitment various forceful activities for comrade Ajith and all political prisoners in India were organised.

Even though we have to consider that the Indian reaction will persistently work on the re-arrest of comrade Ajith (like they did also after his last short release), we have to solidly focus on the victory of his release. This victory have to be the basis for reaching a higher level in the international Solidarity work for the people's war in India and for gaining new victories. Comrades Ajith's release proves clearly, that organised international Solidarity is an important tool of the struggle against imperialism, in service on the proletarian world revolution!

Freedom for all political prisoners in India!

Support People‘s War in India!

Long live international Solidarity! Lal Salam!

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