MEXICO - Report of the Third Phase of the Journey for Justice and the Rights of the People

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Report of the Third Phase of the Journey for Justice and the Rights of the People

To the proletariat and the working class, to the poor peasantry and the oppressed peoples, to the deepest layers of the people we want to give the following informative part.

In compliance with the readiness of our organs and the mandate given in the Central Plan of Struggle and Combat of our organization, we have developed the Third Phase of our Journey for Justice and the Rights of the People with success, in its form as National Mobilization, reinforcing the demand of the 5 central revindicative points, namely:

1. Presentation with life of comrade Doctor Ernesto Sernas García and punishment of the assassins of comrade Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino.

2. Comprehensive reparation of the damage to the displaced Triquis of San Miguel Copala.

3. Cancellation of the electric-military sub-station SEDENA in San Blas Atempa.

4. To respect the work and freedom of association of health workers affiliated with Section 9 of the SINTS.

5. Respect for and compliance with the rights of the people, where in the national sphere the struggle for land must be specially mentioned.

Based on the demands of the 5 central revindicative points, the hardened contingents coming from different entities of the country, were concentrated representatively in Mexico City, the heart of the bureaucratic capitalism of Mexico, flying the red flags of the New Democratic Revolution and Socialism.

From Morelos, Hidalgo, the State of Mexico, Mexico City and Oaxaca arrived the contingents of women and men, proletarians and peasants, reinforced by the classist youth that flooded the capital of the country with red flags, rejecting the reformist and revisionist theses of class-collaborationism, parliamentary cretinism and conciliation.

Under the national route of laying out the work to constitute the People's Front as a democratic-revolutionary organization that brings together all the struggles and resistance under one class line in the worker-peasant-student-people’s movement, Mexico City has witnessed the advance in columns in regards to the struggle in formation headed by the images of the great international teachers of the proletariat: Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung. In the same way, the image of Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the earth, could be observed.

These red columns that took the streets of Mexico City for three days, have made clear the readiness to combat, the clarity of the historical approach of the proletariat and the poor peasantry and, above all, the need to develop a class line within all the struggles of the people, which will be guaranteed with the constitution of the People's Front as a political instrument for the class struggle.

The day of July 8

8:00 began with the concentration of the contingents from the different entities of the country. 10: 00 - The march of the Monument of the Revolution began, in the direction of the Angel of Independence. 11: 00 - There is a stop in the recourse of the march to realise a internationalist and antiimperialist meeting at the embassy of the US, denouncing the aggressive and arch-reactionary role of the genocidal government of Donald Trump, the Yankee interventionism in the internal life of the different countries of the world and the subordination of the "new government" of the old Mexican state towards the imperialist interests of the USA, particularly in the matter of its migration policy, and once again manifesting the rejection of the proletariat and the peoples of Mexico and the world towards the Yankee imperialist beast as a world hegemonic superpower that - in collision and struggle with other imperialist powers - is preparing a new conflagration like the war of plunder for the new re-partitioning of the world. In this fight, the youth class organized in Youth Brigades of the People showed a cardboard figure of a Donald Trump that was later hung on the gallows. 13:00 - With the march the path of the contingents was resumed, this time towards the Ministry of the Interior, where with the seizure of the facilities and a militant meeting, the National Plantón was initiated. With proletarian music the contingents develop the activity, placing a large red blanket with golden letters demanding the live presentation of Comrade Sernas García and the punishment of the murderers of comrade Fuentes Aquino. Right here, on Avenida Bucareli, the exhibitions and lectures by the comrades of the Cultural Center and Studies of Science for the Proletarian Revolution are being begun, who - with pedagogical methods - spoke to us about why the fighters for the New Democracy Revolution and the Socialism must serve the people with all our hearts, what that means and what Chairman Mao Tse Tung has taught us about it. This talk has been quite fruitful for the morale of our ranks as we remember our comrades who have been imprisoned, tortured, disappeared and killed in the midst of this struggle. "They have served the people with all their hearts, they have reached the highest levels of mysticism and communist morality, they have dedicated their lives and their forces to the struggle for the liberation of the proletariat and the working people, they are us and we must aspire to be them", emphasized the Cultural Center.

Hours later, a strong weather fell on the mobilized contingent, which remained in formation and on war footing until it received the solidarity of the heroic Mexican Union of Electricians, who - through a commission composed of them and the New Center of Workers - went to the Plantón to offer the facilities of the guild so that the contingents stayed overnight and resumed their activities the following day. In the midst of class and unitary slogans, the commission of trade unionists was received by the mobilized base that moved to the facilities of the oldest union in Mexico.

The day of July 9

9:00 - Returning to the formation in columns, the contingent set out to start from the Mexican Union of Electricians to the Ministry of the Interior, where again all the accesses and arteries of the different roads were taken. The slogans in respect and accordance with the 5 central revindicative points filled the streets of Mexico City with the class content of the New Democracy Revolution and Socialism. Produced copies of propaganda were distributed by the various formations that worked to constitute the People’s Front.

12:00 - In the midst of the Plantón, the comrades of Amanecer de los Pueblos and the People’s Propaganda Collective developed a significant political-cultural act, with protest music, poetry and other Beiträgen. The comrades of the Cultural Center deserve special mention, who remembering the comrades Ernesto Sernas García and Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, as well as other leaders, activists and combatants of the people, also remembered comrade Florencio Medrano Mederos, who - together with the Party of the United Proletariat of America - fought to place Maoism at the forefront of the struggles of the proletariat and the peoples of Mexico, developing the three instruments for the Proletarian Revolution, understanding that this must necessarily pass through two stages in oppressed countries like ours. "We are the continuations of the work of Comrade Medrano, and the mountains of the southeast and the center of the country are our shelter," said the Cultural Center to develop such an important issue raising theory through praxis and subjecting the fire of praxis to the revolutionary theory. revolutionary For his part, Comrade Martin Martinez, Mexican poet and communist, flooded the reddened hearts of the contingent with poems for comrade Sernas and comrade Fuentes as well as the role of women in the struggle for the New Democratic Revolution and Socialism, calling to combat and extirpate patriarchy within the ranks of the people. Beautiful poems developed by the Mexican poet who following the example of Gabriel Celaya takes poetry for the poor accompanying him in his struggles, in the streets, in the trenches from where the old land-bureaucratic state is fought. Different interventions by different comrades and formations that worked to constitute the People's Front accompanied the afternoon, as well as the slogans of presentation with life, punishment to the guilty and the list of fallen comrades Present! in our struggle.

Faustino Acevedo Bailón, Present!

Alfredo Errestre Vázquez, Present!

Rosalino Díaz Barrera, Present!

Paulino Salud Lándiz, Present!

Fernando Cruz, Present!

Roberto López Mateo, Present!

Javier López Martínez, Present!

Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, Present!

Ernesto Sernas García Presentation with life! Because alive they took him, alive we want him! Now, now, it becomes indispensable, presentation with life and punishment to the guilty!

20:00 - With the rain over, the contingents move again to the facilities of the Mexican Union of Electricians, where an assembly of analysis and joint balance of all mobilized forces is held. With notable contributions from the People’s Front Felipe Ángeles, from the People’s Lawyer “Ricardo Flores Magón”, from the People’s Propaganda Collective, from the Cooperative Project Teozentli, from the People’s Movement Sunrise of the Anáhuac Peoples, from the Cooperative Society of Cuautla and the Proletarian Colony Florencio Medrano Mederos, of Section 9 of the National Independent Union of Health Workers, of the People’s Youth Brigades, of the People’s Women’s Movement and of the Current of the People Sol Rojo, the analysis was enriched with the debate of the mobilized base. Again, the comrades of the Cultural Center have provided us with essential reflections to develop and organize the discussion in light of exercising two-line struggle to develop criticism and self-criticism, strengthening the unity by purifying right-wing conceptions.

The Day of July 10

9:00 - Returning to the central activity, and offering solidarity to the comrades of Section 9 of the SINTS, the columns are ready to particiapte in the march from the facilities of the Mexican Union of Electricians to the Ministry of Health.

12:00 - Once arriving at the very same facilities, the total closure of accesses and exits, the total closing of roads and the setting up of the contingents in the Plantón proceeds. Again the political-cultural activity begins to keep the contingents politicized and active, raising politics of the masses by the masses, and developing the ideas and the correct line among the masses, clearly showing the distance and difference towards the reformist and revisionist organizations, which are alianated from the politics of the masses and only use them as a filler in their activities of collaborationism and class conciliation with the enemy. Here the comrades of the Cultural Center have told us about the Naxalite Revolution, which takes place in India under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), who leads the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army and together with the National Democratic Front has been sweeping away the three great mountains that oppress the people of India, just as they do with the people of Mexico: bureaucratic capitalism, semi-feudality and semi-colonialism. There was talk of Comrade Charu Mazumdar, of the struggle for the reconstitution of the Party and the People's War that is turning 52 years, of the New Power that is being built in the liberated zones and the bases of support. There was also talk of the political prisoner comrades, including comrades Ajith, Varavara Rao and Doctor G.N. Saibaba, among others, around which has developed an intense international solidarity for their liberation. Likewise, the People’s Propaganda Collective has distributed brochures, bulletins and books with the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as a new, third and higher stage of Marxism, bringing scientific theory closer to the popular masses. Proletarian and protest music once again accompanied the mobilized columns.

19:00 - The contingents aim towards the metro facilities of Mexico City in the Chapultepec station, opening entrance turnstiles to support the working people and taking the cars to move again to the facilities of the Mexican Union of Electricians, where a new assembly of analysis is held to conclude the three days of the Journey drawn up by the Central Plan of Struggle and Combat. The reflections, contributions and conclusions show the success of this Third Phase, and with the withdrawal of the various contingents to their respective entities, the forces and flags for the Fourth Phase are ready to be developed in the month of September, establishing a new national form, this time with actions in each of the states of the republic that have participated and that have been working for the constitution of the People's Front. The axes remain the same 5 central revindicative points.

To the working class, the workers, the poor peasantry, the student and people’s youth, the women of the people, the progressive intellectuals and the people in general, we report that we will continue with our actions within the Journey for Justice and the Rights of the People. That we will not give up the fight for the respect and fulfillment of our 5 points in any of the federal entities and in any of the expressions that we have been working under the path of constituting the People's Front. The SolRojistas continue to reaffirm in the correct line of the agrarian and anti-imperialist New Democratic Revolution as a preliminary stage for the Socialist Revolution as part of the tasks towards the Proletarian World Revolution.

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