Philippines - How the "war on drugs" is used against the struggling people

On July 8th, the UN office of program planning, finance and budget released a statement about a probe into human rights violations in the Philippine’s “war on drugs”. The proposition, that was put forward after repeated calls by human rights groups was approved by the UN human rights council with 18 votes against 14, 15 abstained. The probe will look into the so-called “war on drugs”, started by the Duterte government in 2016. The war on drugs is a charade put up by the fascist comprador Duterte-government, the lackeys of imperialism. On the one hand it means mass murder of the poor drug dealers and users of whom around 30 000 have been slaughtered since 2016 when the war began. Meanwhile big drug lords like Peter Lim, Michael Yang, Allan Lim and even Dutertes own son, Paolo Duterte are sheltered. On the other hand it is to mask the war against the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army and their struggle for New Democratic Revolution. Learning from the Latin American example, the Duterte governments anti-drug death squats have also had their share in the bloody suppression of the revolutionary struggle. Of course it is not in the interest of the UN council, that is mainly controlled by the US, the main enemy of the people, to support the people of the Philippines in their struggle against imperialist oppression and exploitation. The US are in contradiction with the Duterte government because of it’s growing ties with China, its main competitor in the region. The Duterte government, that is selling out the national sovereignty of the Filipino people to China as well as the US, is the vicious enemy of the people. The only perspective for national liberation of the Filipino people is the people’s war led by the Communist party of the Philippines and it is bright and shining. Support the people’s war in the Philippines! Down with imperialism!

​ Long live international solidarity!

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