PUERTO RICO - Massive protests against governor

On the 18th of July massive protests erupted in the city of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. The protests were aimed against current governor Ricardo Roselló and called for his resignation. Around 500.000 people congregated on the streets even famous Puerto Rican artists like Bad Bunny, Residente Calle 13 and Ricky Martin and also many US-American artists taking place. The call for resignation came after chat messages between Roselló and high-ranking government officials were leaked on 13th of July. In this chat he mocks other politicians, the media and Puerto Rican people, showing openly his reactionary standpoint towards them, but more importantly his involvement in corruption is shown.

During the protest it came to standoffs between protesters and police, some being arrested for attacking police officers with rocks. The police used tear gas en masse against demonstrators trying to disperse the protest. Puerto Ricans have shown strong solidarity with each other, in some cases people reaching water hoses from their homes to wash down pepper spray and tear gas off protesters faces and bodies. The protesters also took to spraying buildings with slogans such as "Resign Ricky" (meaning the governor), but also with communist and feminist slogans. State buildings such as the US Courthouse and the Puerto Rican Popular Bank were also targeted with sprays and smashing of windows and doors.

As could be seen among most of the protesters the protest is not just aimed against Roselló, but against the corruption, oppression and exploitation of Puerto Rico throughout the years. With the reveal of the chat, a line was crossed for Puerto Ricans, who have o struggle under the country's conditions. The fact that the opposition candidate is present in the protest should not give a misleading image. This protest is of the people of Puerto Rico, whose country being annexed by US-imperialism suffers under the boots of the Yankee-vultures.

As of now, there is still no end in sight for the protests. International support is also growing with many protests taking place in numerous cities around the world with big Puerto Rican populations. The protest are also gaining more and more momentum, more people are taking to the streets and unions are calling for more protests.

It is important for the people to organize and aim against Roselló for what he is, a puppet of the USA! The protest needs to develop into a protest for national liberation and not be instumentalized by other parties of the bureaucratic-capitalistic state!

Adelante Puerto Rico!

Ningún paso atrás!

Abajo con el imperialismo yankee y sus marionetas!

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