SOUTH AFRICA - Army deployed in poorest areas of Cape Town

South African government sent the army to parts of the Western Cape province, including the port city of Cape Town to help to "silence" the situation in the poorest areas of the city. The governmental represents call it a "war zone" where in the last six month 2000 people were killed, it is the highest murdering rates of South Africa.

It is not a coincidence that these areas are affected of high murdering rates, because it's the areas where the poorest Pope are living, mostly black people, high unemployment rates, etc. Police minister Cele, backed up by President Cyril Ramaphosa, said: "We'll go door to door, we'll collect every illegal firearm, we'll collect all criminals that we want". At the same time Cape Town is an international tourist destination with stunning coastal and mountain scenery, so the ruling classes do not want such high murdering rates, because it destroys a "good image".

To use the military against the people in the Townships, against the black population in Cape Town, is one another part of the racist system in South Africa. While the old ANC government, marionettes of the Imperialists, is in deep political crisis, it increases repression and exploitation of the people. The repression against the people in the townships is part of the crisis of the social-fascism in South Africa, which deepens the oppression of the black people in South Africa, while speaking about their "Anti-Apartheid" tradition.

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