MEXICO - Journey for Justice and the Rights of the People. Third Phase Mexico City

We share an unofficial translation of a document published by Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo on their successful third journey of their Journey for Justice and the Rights of the People:


To the proletariat and the working class.

To the poor peasantry and the oppressed peoples.

To the sister organizations.

On July 8, 2019, we began the Third Phase of our Journey for Justice and the Rights of the People, in its modality of National Mobilization in Mexico City.

We inform to the working class of Mexico City and the rest of the country that this journey began with dignity with the forced disappearance of our comrade, the Doctor of Constitutional Law, Ernesto Sernas García. He was disappeared by the old state on May 10, 2018 in the state of Oaxaca.

Dr. Sernas is a professor at the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca (UABJO). He is an essayist, a researcher, lecturer and postulant lawyer in the defense of the 23 SolRojista political prisoners, who were accused of crimes of terrorism and carrying explosives of reserved use of the Mexican army, who spent more than 16 months in maximum security prisons as punishment for being firm opponents of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto.

After the disappearance of our comrade and the beginning of our journey, the old landowner-bureaucratic state has sharpened the actions of harassment, persecution and repression against our comrades in Oaxaca: arbitrary detentions, uprisings, beatings, raids on offices, theft of physical and digital information, theft of computer equipment, breaking and entering, attacks with firearms by police groups against demonstrations, attempts to evict with riot gear, espionage, death threats, and finally, the cowardly murder of our leading comrade, Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, in the midst of a paramilitary ambush. All of this bears witness to the intentions of the old state: to put an end to the just struggles of the people.

However, we do not and will not renounce mobilization on the streets.

We insist that the great evils that afflict the working class have their origin in the three great mountains that oppress our people: bureaucratic capitalism, semi-feudalism and semi-coloniality.

The first, taking into consideration that capitalism in Mexico was born old, is subordinated to the chain of production-domination of imperialist-capitalism at the international level. Science, technology and production are subordinated to the dictation of the financial oligarchy that at the international level controls production, markets and the economy.

The second, because precisely this represents the condition of dependence and subordination of the oppressed countries, like Mexico, towards the imperialist powers and the only international hegemonic superpower: Yankee imperialism, which distribute the world, controlling zones of influence, territories and markets, to later enter into internal or inter-imperialist disputes for the new distribution of the world.

The third, which is the structural base of the old landowner-bureaucratic state, and which makes the development of the material productive forces impossible imposing archaic conditions of domination and oppression, an insufferable regime of servitude that maintains intact latifundia, the patriarchy, racism and the hatred towards the aboriginal peoples, who have been oppressed peoples for 527 years.

What has been described above is the bureaucratic path that this country follows, beyond the existence of a "new government" at the head of the old state; beyond the existence of a new manager in turn of the official apparatus of the old regime and beyond the promises of democracy and freedom that have been made.

There will be no democracy and freedom without Proletarian Revolution!

We propose a Proletarian Revolution in an oppressed country, under the understanding that the revolution in one country is possible, just as the history of the proletariat and oppressed peoples have confirmed. This is part of the tasks of the Proletarian World Revolution. We all enter communism or no one enters it!, is an objective law of the class struggle.

For this it is important to attend to the two stages that this revolution requires.

We maintain that this country must change from the structural base to the superstructure, and for this it is imperative to fight for the New Democratic Revolution, agrarian and anti-imperialist, which destroys the material base of the latifundia and the regime of servitude, which breaks with imperialist subordination and promotes true national sovereignty while building a New Power, from below, creating bases of support among the deepest masses of the people, educating, politicizing and mobilizing the working people around their demands for justice and the rights of the people in terms of power, the building of a New Power and the seizure of power to fundamentally change the relations of production, laying the objective foundations for the Socialist Revolution.

All this is unthinkable under the pacific path. One must work to break with parliamentary cretinism, class collaborationism and the easy exits of social pacifism, which feed reaction and fascism. In the face of reactionary violence of the old state, the revolutionary violence from the popular masses is necessary, under the ideological leadership of the proletariat and its universal military strategy: the Prolonged People‘s War.

Under this analysis, diverse democratic-revolutionary formations have agreed on the need of breaking with the old practices and old preaching stagnant in the worker-peasant-student-popular movement.

We believe it‘s imperative to denounce, fight and extirpate the opportunism, reformism and revisionism within the people.

We believe it‘s imperative to retake science for the prolaterian revolution, upholding, defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism as the new, third and higher stage of Marxism.

From this logic, we are working towards forming the People's Front, which will direct all its struggles and struggle to guarantee the ideological leadership of each one of them in the perspective of power.

The third phase of our Journey for Justice and the Rights of the People is part of that route, and the material result that it‘s possible to build unity on the basis of principles, unity in action and unity around a joint programm.

Our demands of justice and the rights of the people are not negotiable nor renounceable. They are not exchanged, they are not lowered.

The people and only the people are the driving force that makes world history!



Signatures: Frente Popular Felipe Ángeles, Jurídico Popular Ricardo Flores Magón, Sociedad Cooperativa Unidad Cuautla, Movimiento Popular Amanecer de los Pueblos de Anáhuac, Colectivo Popular de Propaganda, Brigadas Juveniles del Pueblo, Movimiento Femenino Popular, Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo.

Original (in Spanish):

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