GERMANY - Protest in support of the re-arrested defendants of the TKP/ML process

In occasion of the re-arrested activists of the TKP/ML process, on Monday a manifestation took place in front of the High District Court in Munich. (we reported before: Three defendants of the TKP/ML process are on remand again! )

A press release which started in the morning was attended by a large crowd and protests to support the imprisoned. The revolutionaries from Partizan called for that manifestation and mobilized the supporters to shout revolutionaries slogans even in the courtroom. The lawyers clearly pointed out, that there is no reason for the recent arrests but political. It was an attack against revolutionary and communist organizations!

Freedom for Dr. Banu Büyükavcı, Dr. Sinan Aydın, Sami Solmaz and all other political prisoners!

The revolutionary struggle is just! It can not be convicted!

Down with imperialism, fascism and all reactionaries!

#TKPML #Germany