ISRAEL - Ethiopian Jews protest police violence

Tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews took to the streets to protest against the killing of an Ethiopian youth by the policeman on Tuesday, 2nd of July.

Racist police violence against the Ethiopian-Jewish community in Israel are nothing new. The video of two policemen brutally beating an Ethiopian soldier in 2015 and the killing of Yehuda Biadga, also an Ethiopian youth in January, sparked similar protests. This is why the Ethiopian youths did not ask twice when Solomon Teka was killed by a policeman and took to the streets.

At least 15 highways where blocked in the protests that took place all over Israel. There are 47 injured policemen and 27 injured protesters, while 130 were arrested.

The racist zionist Israeli state only serves imperialism, and only the imperialists (mainly the US-imperialists) and their lackeys profit from the racist oppression.

Death to racism!

Long live international solidarity!

#massprotests #israel