CHINA – Mass protest in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a so called “special economic zone” in China, and former British colony, is now again the “plaything” of the imperialist powers. On First of July in 1997 Hong Kong was officially given back again under the control of China. Since then, a lot of demonstrations and protest have taken place against the pro-Chinese government and the government of China. This year on First of July people went for demonstration, and some parts demonstrated even in a militant way.

Hundreds of Thousands are protesting against the policy of China, which follows these a days imperialist interests, as well as the other imperialist powers. So the struggle against the Chinese rulers is justified and grows more and more in the country. Chinese rulers seek to shut down all the protests, while western imperialists also try to use them for their own interests. It could have been seen, that parts of the protests went for demonstration with flags of Great Britain, as well as flags of Hong Kong from the time of colonialism. British and US-American imperialists try to use the rebellion of the people, that is why especially these parts defending British colonialism, have been very popular in the western imperialist media. That just shows how the imperialists are fighting each other, shameless using the justified anger of the people for their own interests!

Death to imperialism!

Freedom to the people of Hong Kong within another socialist revolution in China!

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