HONDURAS - Anti-government protests!

Since the beginnings of May the people of Honduras have again taken to the streets to demonstrate against the privatization of public health and education. What started the protests was one decree, which was later split into two, that saw the privatization of the two sectors. This decree was imparted by a mandate from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Teachers and doctors saw the decrees for what they really were and did not wait to make themselves heard and felt. Fearing a wave of privatization and mass firings, they congregated on the streets of the biggest cities of the country for weeks!

With the support of the wide masses they went on strike, carried out blockades and took over buildings. The situation for the current Honduran government under the administration of Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH) was really dire. Assembly meetings had to be canceled due to protests and the blockades of the important streets put so much pressure on them, that they tried to crack down the protest with police and the military. Seeing the lack of their control they even resorted to live ammunition and killed protesters, hurting many more. The protesters did not budge and kept going with the protests, often only being armed with rocks.

Currently many teachers and doctors, who are part of the Platform for the Defense of Health and Education (Plataforma de Salud y Educación de Cortés) that initiated the protests, have returned to work and want "dialogue", but the masses in the streets keep fighting and demanding their rights for public education and health.

In some instances they have attacked US institutions such as the embassy in the capital Tegucigalpa, where they set tires on fire in front of the building. In another they attacked a truck convoy of the Dole Food Company and set the content of the containers on fire.

The Honduran people are carrying out a brave and rightful struggle against US-imperialism, that furthers the exploitation and oppression in their country. As seen in any other oppressed country the US involves itself in, it goes in to destroy, exploit and subjugate, while leaving the people to die in their borders, if they even try to reach the US for a better life.

The decision of the masses to keep up the fight is right, there is no room for "dialogue". Consensus will only reach the lowest of results. There is no consensus here! Those decrees are an obvious blow to the rights and life quality of the Honduran people! There are no half answers here. Do not permit them to advance one inch. The struggle is rightful! The IMF and its main benefactor US-imperialism have to get out of Honduras!

It is important that the teachers and doctors go back to the protests and stand with the masses that supported them from the start. No more dialogue! No to the privatization of the health and education sectors! US-imperialism out of Honduras! Fight US-imperialism and its lackeys whatever form they may come in and whatever mask they might wear!

Yankee fuera de Honduras!

Abajo con el imperialismo!

[Source: incendiarynews.com]

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