IRAN - Down with US drones, down with US imperialism!

The friction the US is creating is inflicting on Iran sparked a fire on Thursday that could have easily set ablaze the whole region. Iran shot down a US surveillance drone, in what the pentagon described as an “unprovoked attack”.

They claim the drone was flying over international territory. Iranian officials disputed that, giving exact coordinates and parts of the drone that were retrieved from its territorial waters, which they made official already on Thursday night after the attack. They also stated that US surveillance drones have entered Iranian airspace before on May 26th. However this may have been, the drone being over Iranian territory would make much more sense for a device only used for espionage.

The US reaction however was imminent. Trump had already ordered a military strike, threatening Iran with “obliteration” in their usual arrogant manner, but called back all US troops in the very last moment. He instead chose to impose yet another round of sanctions. Also, the US has conducted a cyberattack on Iran that was unsuccessful. In response to the sanctions an Iranian official said: "Are there really any sanctions left that the United States has not imposed on our country recently or in the past 40 years?"

So why did they back down, after they tried for almost two months to find a legitimation for an intervention? The US is continuing to look for opportunities to attack Iran, because it is a stronghold, a semi-colony of both China and Russia, mainly Russia, and the US is afraid of it’s competitors.

The reason Trump gives for his latest “change of mind” in regard of the attacks is that he was only informed of the estimated casualties at the last moment. This is of course a load of bullshit.

But them backing off shows that the US is in no position to just roll over Iran. Iran on the other end is showing their confidence. This is positive, not because the Iranian rulers will bring any progress, but because it shows the decay of US-imperialism, the only hegemonic superpower on earth.

But in order to defend against the US the people of Iran can not trust in their rulers. They need to have faith in their own strength, to wage a truly anti-imperialist, revolutionary struggle of liberation against the US aggression. Then, and only then, will they archive freedom from their oppressors and exploiters, be it the old or the new.

Down with US imperialism!

Imperialists out of Iran!

Long live international solidarity!

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