USA – Successful actions in honor of the Day of Heroism

On the 19th of June for the 33rd anniversary of the Day of Heroism, communists in the US commemorated the fallen fighters of the Shining Path by carrying out multiple actions in various cities. Said actions took place in St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Austin and Los Angeles and consisted of graffiti which honored the fallen heroes, denounced imperialism, held up Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and demanded freedom for comrades Ajith and G.N. Saibaba.

In a show of international solidarity, the actions were spread out in many parts of said cities. In St. Louis the actions were of such magnitude that even the bourgeois media caught up on them and made a whole news segment centering on the actions. In Pittsburgh a demonstration was carried out in front of Allegheny County Jail with chants, marches and speeches. The speeches upheld the heroic fight of the fallen martyrs and the People‘s War. The demonstration received a lot of support from onlookers and people leaving the jail, some even raising their fists and voicing their support. In Los Angeles the day was also celebrated with a cultural program that included a play that reproduced a scene of the combats during Day of Heroism. In said scene a real letter of one of the combatants was read out loud and left a strong impression on the people present. An altar was also set up in commemoration to the fallen heroes. It was decorated with pictures, candles, flowers, a hammer and sickle and the names of the martyrs. These powerful actions carry on the struggle, which the combatants of the Shining Path carried out in the prisons of El fronton, Callao and Lurigancho. The prisons, where they valiantly fought against the fascist Peruvian old-state and where they turned those prisons into the shining trenches of combat. They showed the world the situation of Peru and the rightful struggle of its people lead by the Communist Party of Peru. These actions show the growing support for People‘s War as is being fought in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines. These actions and cultural contributions carried out in the US carry on the struggle of the fallen combatants, brings and spreads it among the oppressed and exploited masses of their country. As such their success is a big contribution to the struggle in their country, which is to be understood in the context of the international struggle against oppression and exploitation and to which they have made a great contribution to! LONG LIVE THE 33rd ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY OF HEROISM! VIVA EL XXXIII ANIVERSARIO DEL DÍA DE LA HEROICIDAD!"

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