GEORGIA - Protest against imperialist rule

At Thursday evening about 5000 Georgians demonstrated against the Russian Duma Representatives Sergei Gavrilov. The trigger was an act of Gavrilov in the parliament in the capital Tbilisi, where he has take place, in the chair of the Parliament spokesmen, during a meeting. That was symbolically signs for the Russian Control over Georgia, which took long time in history during the Russian empire till the Great Socialist October Revolution in 1917, where Georgia got its independence after 200 years. After the counterrevolution in the Soviet Union the oppression found its new expression with Soicalimperialism and Russian Imperialism after the break – up of the USSR.

In a break of the meeting some demonstrators occupied the Podium and inhibited the continuation. Another group squalled the office of the ruling party „Georgian Dream“ and made a big fire with their partyflags in front of the building. Georgian Dream is an ellection-alliance of pro-western liberals, conservatives and open fascists.

In defiance of the hot night, where some of them fainted, the demonstrators battled with the police which used rubber bullets, teargas and water-cannons, more than 240 demonstrators got injured. This Protest was in a spontaneous resistance against the main contradictoriness between imperialism and oppressed people and nations.

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