NORWAY – Successful struggle against fascist organization!

Following we publish an article from Tjen Folket Media of Norway about a demonstration which reached good success for the anti-fascist and anti-racist movement. It was against a fascists organization against the so-called "Islamization" of Norway.


SIAN Demonstration Completely Drowned Out

By a commentator for Tjen Folket Media.

The fascist organization Stopp islamiseringen av Norge (SIAN) [“Stop the Islamization of Norway’] met overwhelming resistance when they visited the Østfold city of Moss on Saturday.

Members from the fascist organization were on a tour and had arranged demonstrations in different Norwegian cities, primarily in Østlandet. They wished to demonstrate with slogans and flyers, but the propaganda attempt turned into a fiasco for the the fascists and a victory for local antifascists.

Hundreds of anti-racists showed up to demonstrate against roughly ten fascists. Despite the fact that the demonstration was fenced off and protected by police, the fascists were visibly disturbed by the counter-demonstrators. With the aid of slogans like “No racists in our streets”, “The struggle continues – Nazism will be smashed”, and “No support to Breivik’s friends”, the racists were completely overwhelmed.

That the demonstrators were not welcome was underscored by the fact that the counter-demonstrators without interruption were able to drown out the demonstration that lasted only two hours. In summary, first and foremost, there was a good consolidation of local antifascists around the line of sabotaging the fascists’ demonstration with active resistance. And of course, it can be concluded that SIAN is not welcome in Moss.

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