INDIA – News on people’s war

Chhattisgarh/ Bastar: On June 1st a police informer was killed by cadres of the Communist Party of India (Maoist). Chhannu Sodhi (30), identified as police informer was killed when he was on a visit to the weekly market. Police reported that he was attacked by a ‘small action team’ of Maoists. It was official confirmed that he worked for the police as informer, for “anti-Naxal operation”, especially for gathering intelligence. As is often the case in the past, this agent of reaction has also been unmasked and eliminated.

Jharkhand/ Dumka: On June 2nd, when hindu-fascist state forces were on a search operation in the forest of Taldangal Maoist attacked them and fought them back! A trooper was killed and four others were injured.

Odisha/ Kandhamal: June 3rd, Maoist have pasted a poster on the house of the Public Workers Department, in which is is alleged that the PWD’s Sub-Divisional Officer, Bhaskar Chandra Samantaray, has been involved in various corruption cases over the past 14 years. On the poster it was written, that the officer would be killed, if no action was taken against him. The poster also was pasted on various places in the the neighborhood.

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