AUSTRIA - Repeated police brutality at climate-protest action

On 3rd of June in Austria's Capital Vienna around 35.000 people joined the climate protection demonstration, or also known as “school strike” and “FridaysforFuture”. Beside this Demonstration, about 250 climate activists made an unannounced blockade on a highly frequented street in the center of Vienna. Because the activists didn't resolve the blockade, the police arrested 100 of them. They were involuntarily cleared with brutal methods from the street. Protesters made videos, two of them came to the public, where you can see how police was acting. With that move they want to split “bad” and “good” Protesters and it was a clearly signal to all activists which use other Methods for Protest, which made an own initiative, not under the control of the government. But in the younger history the protests in Austria against the nuclear power station “Zwentendorf” was proof of authenticity, that only by struggle and own initiative of the people, putting forward the demands of the people successes can be achieved also in the struggle against the damage of the environment and climate. The repression and police brutality was a try to intimidate the activists who developed an activity on their own, not following the governmental protests.

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