CHILE – Teachers call out strike for undefined duration!

Since the third of June teachers have started a strike of undefined duration across the country. They have made a series of demands, which many more aside the poor working conditions of teachers in Chile. The teachers mostly protest against the decay of the education system. The current education policies are creating a rift between public and private schools. The quality of public schools are diminishing. These schools are expected to cut down on classes such as history and sports in the 3rd and 4th year of middle school. While the curriculum of public schools is affected and worsened, the private schools can choose and keep their curriculum. Basically the Chilean state is trying to keep poor families poor and worsen their conditions while strengthening rich families. Another big demand is to resolve the issue of the historic debt. This debt is a rise in retirement money, which old teachers never received and many have died without receiving. This is a struggle which has been going on for many years and which the Chilean state has completely ignored. "Saving" money where people need it the most. To make themselves heard a march with over 75.000 participants took place in the country‘s capital Santiago. Teachers from all over the country congregated to protest. Many teachers see the need to organize to make a change in the education system. So far the Chilean state has ignored their demands and has sent the repressive anti-riot police to crack down on protests instead. The teachers have shown courage defending student‘s from said repressive forces, even managing to push back the police. There is great solidarity among the teachers, the students and the retirees for they are all affected by the oppressive policies of the Chilean state. These are rightful struggles of the Chilean people! Ningún paso atrás!

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