ALBANIA/NORTHMACEDONIA - EU Accession Negotiations

A few days after the European Election, the Commission of the European Union insists for accession talks with Albania and Northmacedonia. EU External and Secureness Representative Federica Mogherini said that the last year was in this Region a year of positive changes. But this "positive changes" are a message to the puppets of the EU Imperialists that they do their Jobs, for the masses it means regressions. They get complements for the restrictive reform agenda which is dictated from the EU, like the Justice Reforms in Albania or the name change from Macedonia in Northmacedonia. The Mecedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said in an interview that the emigration will decrease with the accession. The reality shows that it will get more worse like in Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. Because of the general crisis of Imperialism, the EU need to exacerbate the oppression and exploitation on the Balkans with more repression, to armament and militarization. With the EU Army (PESCO) the imperialist European alliance want to push and establishment their own Army till 2027 with € 88 billion. Northmacedonia (since February) and Albania are members of the NATO, so the EU become in a tight spot to intensify the Accession Negotiations. Since 2013, with the West-Balkan-Conference, the EU Imperialists have tried unsuccessfully to get Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Northmacedonia and Kosovo in the “Union” which should have been finished in 2017. The policy agenda of the corrupt puppet governments prepare EU conform states bunts on powerful rejection of the masses, what is expressed in more and more militant protests against the governments, like in Albania for several weeks. A big trail which the people need to struggle is the influence of Revisionism, reactionary nationalism, chauvinism which is planted by Imperialism, but the contradiction between Imperialism and oppressed Peoples and Nations is becoming more and more clear for the vast parts in this Region. Especially the struggling masses and revolutionaries of the imperialist countries in the European Union have to unite and support the struggles of the people on the Balkans against the aggressive destruction and plunder of Imperialism. The struggle have to become united, with the need of a proletarian leadership and a revolutionary organization.

Down with the EU! Away with the EU Army! For the right of self-determination for the Peoples and Nations!

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