SRI LANKA - 10 years after the "end" of the justified resistance of the Tamil Tigers

By the end of 2009, the Sri Lankan government forces called out the end of the 25-year so-called civil war in Sri Lanka. Founded in the mid 60s by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), fought for the independence of the Tamils. Sri Lanka was a colony first of Holland and Portugal and a short time later Sri Lanka was under the wings of Great Britain. Already centuries before, Sri Lanka divided into two ethnic groups: the Tamils ​​and the Sinhalese.With the founding of Sri Lanka, the Tamils were considered a minority, Sinhala was the official language and Buddhism began to suppress other religions, as well as the Tamils. In the mid-1980s, the LTTE launched a militant movement to liberate its territories under British control. They conquered the north and northeast of Sri Lanka, in the area in which mainly the Tamils ​​live. The Sri Lankan rulers launched a warlike campaign against the LTTE, which the Tamil Tigers were able to offer great resistance. They murdered Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadase and Indian Prime Minister Raji Gandhi to defend their justified war. Thus in 1994 the Tamil Tigers were placed on the terrorist list of the USA and in 2006 on the terrorist list of the EU. With the 2004 Tsunami, the Sri Lankan government suppressed relief supplies to the Tamil areas to pressure the Tamil Tigers and respond to the necessary peace talks. In addition to the bloody attacks they had previously inflicted on the Tamils, the rulers also cut humanitarian aid. This did not stay away from the bourgeois media and the democratic and human rights organizations, thus putting the rulers under pressure to refrain from these measures. However, peace agreements were signed in 2008 under the pretext of self-government. Officially, in 2009, the entire leadership group was assassinated by the Sri Lankan government and the LTTE declared officially defeated and extinguished. Now, ten years later, all areas are under government forces of Sri Lankan rule and the Tamils ​​are under heavy repression. But nevertheless, the struggle of the Tamil Tigers is not extinguished, since 2017, there are reports that revive the activities of the LTTE. Down with imperialism, freedom for the people! Rebellion is justified!

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