CROATIA - Protests against the "March for Life"

On the 25th of May the reactionary and clerical-fascist movement “March for Life” walked in three cities in Croatia. This movement developed in the USA, in the 70s where the anti-abortionists started with the so called “pro life” movement. In Europe they constituted as “March for family”, or “March for life” similarly to pro life. Their major demand is to ban the right of legal abortion and, because its “morally incorrect”, to ostracize women from society. In Croatia currently it is allowed to abort till the 10th week of pregnancy.

A lot of women are often forced to abort, because they can not afford a child, especially proletarian women. With the ban of abortion the women are pushed into the illegality where the medicine terms are horrible or to travel in other countries, which the most can not afford because the price only for abortions are usually very high.

The bourgeois Media reported that in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, in Split and Zadar about 20.000 people took to the streets for the March of Life.

At the March in Zagreb where less people than the last year and it was always escorted by feminist activists. The year before, there have also been some controversy between feminists and “March for Life” event stewards. In some Videos from March for Life can be seen flags of the fascist Ustasa. The March for Life organizers invited the well known Ustasa singer “Marko Perkovic Thompson” to make a concert in the end of the march. He is a regularly supporter and wrote even songs for the movement. In some countries his concerts are forbidden.

Some of the feminists tried to block the route of the March and about 12 got arrested. The feminists screaming slogans like “Ne damo svoja tijela” (we are not giving our bodies), “Ni drzavu ni Boga blizu jajnika moga” (neither government nor god, in the near of my ovaries), “Hod za ilegalni pobacaj” (March for the illegal arbotion) or “Hod protiv zena” (March against women). On Banner and signboards was written: “legalni I dostupan pobacaj” (legal and accessible abortion), “zabrana pobacaja osuduje zene na smrt” (the ban of abortion doomed women to death) or “zahtijevamo besplatan pobacaja” (we want abortion for free). Some feminists wore bloody nightshirts and their mouth was taped as a symbolic sign.

In Rijeka a week before was the “March for Liberation” a huge democratically movement against the March for Life. Some thousands of protesters participated, among them a lot of families. It was a Protest with lot of young and old people. Their common demand was “the deciding on your body and your basic life should be a human right”. On a Cardboard was the slogan: ”Ako nepravda postaje zakon, otpor postaje duznost“ (When injustice becomes to rule, resistance becomes a duty) which demonstrates the broad willingness to keep on with the struggle until their demands are reached.

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