ARGENTINA - One Government, Five General Strikes

On the 29th of May the fifth general strike during the Macri government took place. Argentinian‘s again took to the streets in what has become the biggest and most astounding strike, which the country has experienced in years. All the main unions and social organizations and groups participated in this general strike, something which did not happen in the previous four general strikes. The strike affected all means of transportation from buses, metros and trains to airplanes and ships, universities and schools nationwide remained closed and hospitals treated only emergencies. The streets of all mayor cities across the country remained empty, while the ones, where demonstrators congregated remained full. In many cities popular buffets, known in Argentina as “ollas populares“, were carried out by protesters to feed the people and showed by that how bad the situation in the country really is. In many soup kitchen across the country there is not enough food to feed the hungry, many of whom are youths, who cannot find jobs, because of the economic crisis. In the streets people showed their anger at the policies of the current puppet Macri, who with his austerity politics and his deals with the IWF, has worsened the economic crisis and living conditions in Argentina. The people started blockades in important streets and bridges, but also resorted to attacking banks with paint bombs and by spraying on them. The old Argentinian state did not like this and didn‘t think twice about cracking down on said blockades with brute force. Especially the blocked bridges were a thorn in their eyes, reason why they sent anti-riot police and militarized Naval Prefecture to attack the people with tear-gas, pepper-spray and rubber bullets. In one instance a woman was shot seven times in her leg. The Argentinian old state fearing further losses in their current deep economic crisis did not stop to resort to great amounts of violence to stomp out the rightful struggle of the Argentinian people. It is after all the workers and oppressed masses, who really carry the whole burden of the economic crisis. It is them, who have to endure the hardships of the Macri government‘s cuts and mass-firings. The vicious servants of the state hypocritically talk about the millions of loss caused by the strike, trying in their panic to blame the workers and oppressed masses of their mistakes, their mismanagement, their corruption and their betrayal of the hardworking people, whose workplaces they‘ve sold to foreign capital and whose country they are bleeding to death for the interests of the imperialist leeches. The protests are going strong and the masses are organizing and fighting back. This struggle of theirs is far from over. There are elements trying to use the hate towards Macri for their own purposes. This year provincial and presidential elections will be taking place. These are a big topic as of now the biggest opposition party, the party of former president Cristina Kirchner, is likely to misuse the Argentinian‘s hate towards Macri for their own political and capitalist interests. That‘s why it‘s important for the Argentinian‘s to not let themselves be blinded and deceived into thinking that a change of government will get them out of the crisis. Especially the Argentinian working class have to develop leadership and take the lead within the upcoming protests and struggles of the suppressed masses. Only by trusting in their own strenth and by taking up a proletarian standpoint they can move forward in their struggle. They have shown that they are determined to keep struggling and that they won‘t budge an inch until their demands are met. It is important for them to not stop at reforms, but to keep moving forward towards the struggle for the political power. Only when the workers and the oppressed masses have gained this through a new-democratic revolution, will they truly rid themselves of the puppets and their imperialist masters, who are oppressing and exploiting their country and their people! Down with imperialism and its lackeys! Forward in the struggle for the political power! The Argentinian people have nothing to lose, but their chains!

#Argentina #Generalstrike