AUSTRIA - Powerful activities against the EU!

Following we publish an update on the activities against the EU elections in Austria, which was published by antifascists on

In Austria versatile and powerful activities took place in several cities. In the report it is pointed out that the boycott of the EU elections was not only held in many different countries, but was also carried out through joint statements and invitations, even in strong international ties. In Austria, many activists took part under the slogan "Down with the EU! Down with imperialism!", as well as "Long live internationalism!".

One anti-imperiaist activist said to the reporter of "As militant activists in Austria, we were particularly inspired by an anti-imperialist appeal against the EU, which showed the unity of the revolutionaries and anti-imperialists from the oppressed and imperialist countries in the EU and gave us a clear mandate to boycott in the spirit of international solidarity! We are spreading the active boycott of the election as a lever to unifiy with the workers and migrants, those who are oppressed by the imperialist EU alliance the most. We have made the experience that many people do not believe the lies of a "peaceful and democratic Union", but firmly reject the EU as an imperialist and military alliance".

In many cities of the country very diverse and powerful activities against the EU election were organized. With spontaneous announcements, posters, banners and discussion events, the EU election was very well used to strengthen the unity of the oppressed and exploited against the EU through joint action!


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