INDIA – Jharkhand: The CoBRA and state police are enemies of the people

On Tuesday, 28.5. at 5:00, cadres of the CPI(Maoist) have lead a successful IED- attack (improvised explosive device) against Indian state troops in Jharkhand (eastern India). They wounded 26 troops belonging to the state police and to the CoBRA (Central Battalian for Resolute Action), a paramilitary unit that is specialized in jungle warfare.

The attack happened on a road in Seraikela Kharsawan District of Jharkhand, in which the troops were carrying out an operation in the forests of Kuchai area.

What is often not seen is the fact that the CoBRA- group was created for the purpose of fighting against the CPI(Maoist). It was used to initiate the Operation Green Hunt, a bloody, genocidal war that started in 2009 and is ongoing until today. The name has change, but the intensity and the brutality increased. It is a war against the people, against the people‘s war that is lead by the CPI(Maoist) and the PLGA, its army.

The CoBRA is not only part of this, it was created only for the purpose of fighting the CPI(Maoist). It is no accident that CoBRA is stationed in Jharkhand, where the CPI(Maoist) is very present. The recent attack is not only a victory against an enemy of the CPI(Maoist), because the CoBRA, like other troops of the old Indian state, is the declared enemy of the Indian peoples, a chain-hound of the Imperialists.

Long live the CPI(Maoist)!

Long live the PLGA!

Long live the people‘s war in India!

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