UKRAINE - After the presidential election

At the recent election in Ukraine not the most best servant of the Imperialists of EU and the US Imperialists, the fascist Proshenko have been elected, but the comedian and show-master Volodymyr Selensky, which is known as positioned “in the middle” - between EU, USA and the Russian imperialism. What it means to the whole situation and the people was written by Austrian antifascists in the following article:

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After the presidential election in Ukraine This month, many anti-fascists and anti-imperialists commemorated the 5th anniversary of the Odessa massacre, in which more than 50 trade unionists and anti-fascists were abused and murdered. For more than five years now, the unjust war in Ukraine has continued, killing more than 13,000 people. In late April, in Ukraine the presidential election took place. Contrary to the expectations of many, not the most loyal servant of the West (the EU and US), the fascist Poroshenko (incidentally guest of honor of the Austrian president Van der Bellens) have won the elections. But instead the "comedian" Volodymyr Selensky did. The fact that more than 40% did not vote at all and that the majority of electoral votes were not cast for Poroshenko, shows that the Ukrainian population has chosen first and foremost the one who promoted change and (promised) peace the most. The fact that the former actor Selensky, who promised to "mediate" between the interests of the EU / US and Russia, was supported and promoted to the extent that he was able to win the election, shows us that the imperialists and especially the EU and USA did not achieved their goal: to completely subjugate Ukraine! After five years of the terror and war, the imperialist have not been able to archieve a victory, that’s why they have to set on "relaxation" for a certain time now. It should be easier now for East-Ukrainians to get a Russian passport and also a ban on the Russian language is no longer an issue with Selensky, who himself can not speak fluent Ukrainian. But that does not mean that the imperialist war in Ukraine has ended, as we see in other countries such as Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. When imperialists “relax” the situation, that usually means that they are preparing for even heavier attacks and aggressions. The election shows that the EU and US overestimated their forces and underestimated the forces of Russian imperialism. But they have also underestimated the forces of the Ukrainian people, who defend themselves to a great extent against the fascist mercenaries, misery and war. The fascist terror that came to power with the help of the EU's imperialists tries to incite the people of Ukraine and split them into "Ukrainians" and "Russians" and by smashing antifascist and trade union organizations, the workers and the masses get even more sharply exploited. Anti-fascists and anti-imperialists in Austria should not be confused by this election, but must stand firmly shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian anti-fascists and the population struggling against fascism and imperialism!

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