MALI - Mass protests against French and German military intervention

After weeks of protests against the military intervention of French and German imperialism, the Malian puppet-government collapsed and Prime Minister Soumeylou Boubéye Maiga had to leave. Especially the ethnic massacre of 170 Peuls in the village of Ogossagou on March 23, intensified the justified hate of the people against the occupiers.

Since months also strikes have been going on among school teachers against the looting of state finances by the French and German imperialists. Railway-workers also organized strikes and even hunger strikes to demand at least eleven month of unpaid wages. On April the 5th, 50.000 people demonstrated against the occupation of the country and the corruption of the puppet regime. Protesters made posters which said: “France is a terrorist state with mercenaries and drones”, “No to France’s genocide in Mali” and “Go home, don’t plunder our natural resources”.

The resignation of Maiga offers nothing to the workers and oppressed masses in Mali. The choice of President Keita of Boubou Cisse to replace Maiga on April 22, only underlines the role as lackey government of the imperialists. Cisse was former Finance Minister, trained in Germany and France and worked at the World Bank before returning to Mali during the French invasion. Beside France, the USA, Canada and Germany since 2015 have troops in Mali. With 1000 soldiers, the war in Mali is the largest oversea deployment of German military.

The political crisis in Mali shows the crisis of imperialism, here especially the “old” imperialists of Europe, Germany and France, who don’t manage to “stabilize” their colony Mali, but even deepen the political and economical crisis of the country and widen the rebellion and hatred of the Malian peoples against them. The situation in Mali doesn’t show the strength of French and German imperialism, but their weakness, their rottenness to sell their lie about “struggle against Islamic terrorism”. In their obvious crisis, German and French imperialism have to be even more aggressive to preserve their influence in their colonies and half-colonies on the one hand and on the other hand to not come away empty-handed in the redistribution struggle of the imperialists.

Every revolutionary and anti-imperialist have to be attentive, because other imperialists tend to use the impotence of imperialists in such a situation, to buy in people’s movements for their own interests and to strengthen their influence. The progressive forces in Mali will struggle, in order to strengthen the anti-imperialist forces and develop the revolutionary struggle against imperialism further.

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