GERMANY - Celebration of the 70th year of birth of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

In the middle of May, the organization Partizan held a successful and great celebration of the 70th year of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya‘s birth. In his short life Ibrahim Kaypakkaya applied the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism on the concrete praxis of Turkey, he was the founder of the TKP/ML and initiator of the people‘s war. This celebration took place just short time after the announcement that the TKP/ML hold off the historical first party congress, which is a great victory of the red line in Turkey and for the international proletariat. The success in the two line struggle and this historical congress were felt through out the celebrations of the 70th year of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya‘s birth. Hundreds of people participated, as well as international delegations. It started with a demonstration were the people were shouting slogans for the TKP/ML and the TIKKO, moving with Bengal fire towards the event. This atmosphere kept going over the whole hours, were the people followed tensely the different contributions. We want to highlight the international declaration of Maoist Parties and Organizations, which was declaimed. This was followed by contributions of international delegations. Besides more speeches there were also a lot of great cultural contributions, like marches of the party and the TIKKO, songs and poems. Every small break was filled by hundreds of people shouting slogans for the TKP/ML, the TIKKO, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, the international communist movement and the ideology of the international proletarat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.