RUSSIA - Mass Protest against Rebuilding of Cathedral

Last Week thousands of people demonstrated against the rebuilding of a Cathedral in Yekaterinburg. The the protests lasted for several days.

Since the years of 1990, the Russian orthodox church is trying to rebuild this Cathedral and since that time the people of the city are resisting against that. The Cathedral was destroyed in 1930 under the power of the soviet-state to create a central public place for the people.

For the last years the plan of rebuilding was getting more and more concrete, even the citizen survey spoke against it. The question now a days is more or less about on what place it should be rebuild, but not Kenmore if it should be rebuild anyway.

Last week one of the most visited parks was blocked with construction fence, because of the beginning of the building side. Just a short time after that, thousands of people came to demonstrate against that building. construction fence and other construction materials were destroyed!

They occupied that place for three days. 20 people have been arrested within the protest and many got hurt because of police violence.

The protest of the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg is justified, they protest for the preservation of their public places is justified! The church is firmly integrated into the state parliament and shows also by this example which interests the rulers serve. It shows, however there are citizen surveys or elections, it is pure hypocrisy and appearance and is certainly not in the interests of the masses!