AUSTRIA - Successful persistent Antifascist Demonstrations

Like the years before, in the middle of May the Croatian fascists “Ustaša” organize the biggest fascists event in Europe with 15.000 up to 30.000 people. It takes place in the Austrian Federal Carinthia (Kärnten) at the “Loibacher Feld”. The Ustaša invented a myth about a “massacre” how Yugoslavian Partisans killed at the “Loibacher Feld” 10.000 Ustaša soldiers and many civilians. In 1945 about 10.000 Ustaša and other Nazi collaborators fled after the Red Army, the Yugoslavian People Liberation Army and the Partisans liberated the Balkans from fascism. The try to accounted for in the British occupation zone in Kärnten, and get arrested. But the British allied forces don't agree and sent them back. It was a tactical move to present themselves as antifascists and spread anticommunist Propaganda. In the end they supported the fascists, so the people in this region where thinking the Partisans are the evil ones and the Ustaša hitched in a victimhood and told the lie about the “massacre”. The 10.000 fleeing fascists were killed, but in the region of Slovenia and Croatia, not at the “Loibacher Feld” and without civilians. With this myth they relativie the two Million victims on the Balkans during the second World war, whereof close on the half of them where killed in the third largest concentration camp “Jasenovac” which was supported by the catholic church and led by the Ustaša and catholic bishop and priests. Because of the (in phrase) socialists Yugoslavian State any action of the Ustaša was forbidden, so they build up the myth on a half truth story to make there remembrance in Austria.

Since 1951 every year the Ustaša organize this like a “religiously event”. In the days when the event wasn't well known the Austrian bourgeoisie participate always the event. At the last years international media was reporting more and more and it was in the most countries known. 2018 the publicly pressure was already so far that the Austrian bourgeoisie was forced to do something. The social-democrat-party was “effort” as self-styled “antifascists” to “struggle against” the Ustaša event. Their efforts were mainly against “extremists” symbols. The final result of this practice were strikes against Muslims, the Kurdish movement and Palestine people (PFLP), and the symbols of the Ustaša or other fascists, which they ban, are very rare in utilization. This year was temporarily the last Ustaša event. With just 10.000 visitors it was also one of the smallest.

But it’s the merit of antifascists and revolutionary groups from ex Yugoslavian countries and Austria, not the hypocritical struggle of the social-democrats. They where struggling and demonstrate for many years shoulder on shoulder against the Ustaša. This successes is a important victory in the struggle where there should be built on. With that experience, the knock against chauvinism and the good expression of internationalism. It is a good success of internationalism, because the Austrian capital is the major oppressor in Croatia. The unity of antifascist and revolutionary forces from Austria and Croatia is a important step in the struggle against chauvinism! Especially for the coming EU Elections progressive forces in Europe have to struggle purposeful against this parliamentary circus and support the boycott of the EU-Election!

Put proletarian Internationalism always on the first place!

Down with the Capital!

Smrt fašizmu! Sloboda Narodu!

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