SWEDEN - Struggles for worker’s rights

Uniting under the slogan “Strike back” broad sections of Swedish society came together last year, first for a manifestation in August and then again for country-wide days of action from the end of November to Early December, to organize the struggle against cutbacks of the worker’s rights, particularly the right to strike. Last weekend, yet another manifestation took place following the same procedure as before: Gathering at a starting point in Stockholm a manifestation is held from which several more or less independent actions are being developed. Swedish communists, in a show of force, participated in a combative demonstration in which masked participants shouted slogans, raised the banner with hammer and sickle and torched red flares. When the police – who was repeatedly provoking the demonstration – attempted to take participants of the march into custody, the forces of repression were repelled by joint effort, only to retaliate later by indiscriminately pepper spraying the demonstration.