BRAZIL - General strike!

This 15th of May a general strike was carried out in Brazil. Students and teachers had mobilized last week for this massive strike. The protests that took place as preparation for the strike had already set great numbers of masses in motion. Now, in a coordinated action they all took to the streets to fight for their rights to public education and against budget cuts in the education sector!

Over 40 protests were announced with the participation of around 70 universities across 25 federated units. Anti-fascist organisations, student's movements, worker's unions and various political organisations also took part in the protests. In many cities tens of thousands of people congregated to manifest their anger toward the Brazilian old state and its heinous attacks on the Brazilian people.

In Rio de Janeiro 300 thousand people went to demonstrate! It was also here, where confrontations with the military police took place. The journal A Nova Democracia was on the groound of the protests and filmed impressions including a clash with the police, which tried to crack down the protest and fired stun grenades against the masses. To this aggression the protestors reacted by throwing stones and pyrotechnics.

During the strike, protestors sprayed on the reactionary mausoleum Panteón de Caxias, which was also attacked with paint bombs and pyrotechnics. The mausoleum was erected in 1949 in commemoration of 150 years of the mass murderer Duque de Caxias, whose body was also buried underneath said structure. The combative youth sprayed "80 shots" in protest of the barbarous killing of Brazilian musician Evaldo Rosa, who was brutally murdered by the military, when they shot him dead with 80 shots to his car.

Among the many groups present there were the Revolutionary Popular Student's Movement (MEPR), the Movement of Classist Education Workers (Moclate), the Popular Women's Movement (MFP) and the Revolutionary Youth League that spread a banner with the inscription "Against reforms, general strike now!". These organisations held up the position of defending the preparations of a General Strike of National Resistence. These words have been held up in all of Brazil by the combative sectors of the union, worker, peasant and youth movements.

In a show of international solidarity a banner supporting the campaign for the alive presentation of Dr. Sernas García was held up during the protests. The carrying and uphelding of this banner shows that the struggles of the proletariat, poor and landless peasants and oppressed peoples are international!

We support the Brazilian people and the combative forces protesting for public education and against the attacks of the reactionary Brazilian state! The masses are the ones who make history and on this day they showed what it means to trust in one's own power!

The combative forces in Brazil have set the ground for the next stage: the General Strike of National Resistence.

This general strike has proven that the masses are ready to take this next step and move forward on a shining path to victory!

Contra Reformas!

Greve Geral Ja!


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