ALBANIA - Militant Protests against the government

Thousands of People are demonstrating since February against the corrupt government and demand the resignation of President Edi Rama. The Albanian people despised Rama, because it is known that he has cheated the elections and also his corrupt machinations are not a secret. He is a lackey of western imperialists. At he last protest on Saturday, in the Capital Tirana, people drop fire and color bombs on the residence of Edi Rama. Some people where injured during clashes, among them 12 police officers.

The protests are led by the opposition and demand new elections. The opposition leaders use the social contradictions in the country, the hatred of the people, in order to enforce new elections for their own corrupt interests. From the end of the year 2018 until February 2019, huge student protests arose in Albania. Now the opposition tries to use that political crisis, in order to present themselves as the „real pro-European‘s“. That they are not controlling the protests entirely, shows a statement of the United States Embassy, which says, “The opposition’s stated objective to make Albania’s democracy stronger runs counter to the violence currently being perpetrated by protesters”.

The situation in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. show clearly, that the „Pro-European“ road and the EU-Integration will not solve the social or the economic problems of the people. The Western Imperialists try to use the peoples justified hatred of corruption, which can be found in all the Balkan countries. The „EU integration“ is not reducing corruption, but supporting it, like we see it in Romania or Bulgaria. European Union is deepening the pressure on the countries of the Balkans, in order to speed up the process of „EU Eastern enlagement“, to defend their interests against the involvement of other imperialists in that region, especially against Russia. Arising protests in the Balkans in the last year have shown that EU does not bring development, but further poverty, militarization and oppression. These struggles have to be developed further, in order to create a real force in the class struggle, which defends the interests of the workers and people.

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