AUSTRIA – May Day: Long live the Organization of the Revolutionaries!

Thousands of people took part in this years May Day demonstrations in various cities in Austria. In Innsbruck nearly 2000 took to the streets, in Graz and Salzburg more than 1000. Especially the activities of the revolutionary and communist forces stood out against the annual attempts of the Social Democratic Party to use May Day in their own interests, this year for the EU election.

In various cities it could be realized that the combative and revolutionary forces had a very internationalist composition. Turkish and Austrian revolutionaries (as well as migrant revolutionaries and activists from every continent!) went shoulder to shoulder, in order to express their unity in the struggle against the attacks of the ruling class, as well as for the necessity of a revolutionary party. In various cities a banner with the slogan „In service of the proletariat: Long live the organization of the revolutionaries“ stood out at the demonstrations. As well as banners, which express the international ideology of the proletariat. In Graz we could also see the unity of Austrian and Palestinian revolutionaries in the demonstration.

In different demonstrations posters were carried within the demonstrations, which express the struggle against the 12-hours working day, as well as internationalist slogans, like „Defend the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo!“, „Freedom for Saibaba and Ajith!“ and „Forwards in people‘s war!“. This unity, not only in the questions of daily struggle, but also in the question of revolution and ideology is an important basis for the new upcoming year of struggle.

Not only was the 130th anniversary of decision for the May Day upheld in the demonstrations, also there were activities to bring May Day to the masses. May Day does not belong to the so called „union leaders“, it belongs to the working class and the masses! Activists spread the content of the „International Day of Struggle of the Proletariat“ within the masses, for example there was an Activity in Linz in the biggest funfair of the city, where loads of people gathered.

Long live Red May Day!

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