INTERNATIONAL - Report on the International May 1st! Proletarians of all countries, unite!

May 1st, the International Day of Struggle of the Working Class 2019, was a great expression of the international struggle against exploitation and oppression. Millions of workers and opressed people went on the streets! It was a lively expression of the strength of the most revolutionary forces in the world: the working class and the oppressed nations. It was a strong expression and blow against the imperialists and reactionaries!

The decision of implementing May 1st as the „International Day of Struggle of the Working Class“, with its mighty call „Proletarians of all countries, unite!“ was taken 130 years ago, by the great leader of the proletariat Friedrich Engels. The working class and the oppressed in all countries showed 130 years later, that this decision is still a powerful weapon and lives in the struggles today. Especially the revolutionary and communist forces all over the world showed another teaching of Marxism: The leading force of the proletariat with it‘s Party, the Communist Party and the struggle for unification worldwide, against revisionism and opportunism.

This international report is not yet "finished", we will continue working on it adding pictures from activities and countries.




Demonstrations in South Korea, Iraq and Indonesia:


Sri Lanka:

Pictures from Protests in Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Bangladesh:



In various cities the Red May 1st, the Day of Struggle of the Proletariat, got a lively expression of struggle of the masses for revolution. The revolutionaries used this May 1st to mobilize for the preparation of a general strike. Here is a video:


Against revisionsm and opportunism the masses and revolutionaries hold high the Red and Internationalist May 1st.


Mexico and Colombia:


South Africa:

Especially the mine workers went on the street to show their decisive struggle against the racism, exploitation of the workers and imperialism.


Demonstrations and Actions in Sudan, Lagos, Nigeria and Lebanon:



In Czech Republic the May 1st was also used by the Fascist forces to make a demonstration. Antifascists and revolutionaries succeeded to block them, even though the police used repression against the demonstrators.




Hundreds of workers and trade unions worked used this May 1, to demonstrate against the new labor law, which is called "martial law" by the workers. Since month the people struggle against this attack on the working rights!


Austrian and Turkish revolutionaries and communists strenthend their unitiy with this May 1st and went together on various demonstrations in the country. Also they took posters with the slogans: "Defend the live and health of Chairman Gonzalo!" and "Long live People's War!".


In Finland the revolutionaries and communists made an important step forward with this May 1st and gave the demonstration a revolutionary character.


Comrades from Norway held high proletarian internationalism. There was also a banner against NATO.




Revolutionaries and communists from France took a banner which says "Destroy European Union. Boycott the Elections", which is a strong sign for the coming elections of the imperialist EU-alliance! In France the masses showed on May 1st their strong willingness to go on in the struggle. One picture also shows a man with the Flag of the Roma-Minority participating in the struggle.


Revolutionaries in Switzerland used posters to support People's war in India and the release of Comrades Saibaba and Ajith.


In Berlin demonstrators and revolutionaries stood against attacks of the police. There was also held up proletarian Internationalism and the struggle against imperialist countries, which destroy the oppressed countries and force the people to flee from there.



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