UKRAINE – Selensky new president

After the presidential elections, which happened in April, the new president Volodymyr Selensky represents the actual situation in the war-torn country. After the massacre of Odessa, which this month marked its 5th anniversary, where more than 50 trade unionists and anti-fascist were killed by fascists, the western imperialists (US/EU) installed a openly fascist government through a coup. This open aggression lead to the imperialist war in Ukraine, in which until now more than 13.000 people were killed.

Contrary to Poroschenko, Selensky represents not only the interests of the Western Imperialists, but also wants to cooperate with Russian Imperialism. For example it should be more easy to get a Russian passport for East Ukrainian people. Poroschenko demanded the prohibition of Russian language immediately after his election, Selensky doesn't even speak fluently Ukrainian himself. It shows that US and EU Imperialists did not reach their goal, to achieve the dominance over Ukraine and can not keep going on like before. This does not mean that imperialist war is over, but that the imperialists need a temporary relaxation of the situation. That‘s what the imperialists do, in order to prepare for another aggressive attempt to reach their goal of expanding their influence and power.

Selenksy is not a „fun candidate“. His election shows, that the people who went to vote want to have change and 40% did not even go to vote. The war in Ukraine brought massive worsening to the people: poverty, unemployment, murder and deepened oppression. Fascist paramilitary groups are used to terrorize the people and the imperialists try to divide the people in „Ukrainian“ and „Russian“. Obviously especially western imperialists did not manage to break the resistance of the people. Imperialism implies aggression and unjust wars, that is its nature. There is no way to stop the imperialist war in Ukraine, than through the united struggle of the oppressed!

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