VENEZUELA - Failed coup!

This Tuesday the 30th of April there was a failed coup attempt led by the US-marionette Guaido. This attempt was not backed by many armed forces and even though some masses joined in, the attempt remained a huge failure. This goes to show on one hand that the US-Imperialism clearly underestimated the Venezuelan government and masses, while at the same time overestimated its own forces and influence in the region. This open aggression shows the prepotency of the only hegemonic power in the world, the USA, and proves the deepening of the imperialist crisis especially the political crisis of US-imperialism.

The US-imperialism is trying to justify their intervention by hypocritically calling it „peaceful protests“ and „Operation Freedom“, while the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, openly admits that „Military action is possible. If that’s what’s required.“ This proves the revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces‘ assessment of the political situation right, which implies that the US-imperialism is aiming to turn Venezuela from a half-colony into a colony in order to consolidate its power against other imperialists in Latin America.

The growing misery of the Venezuelan population, like hyperinflation, failure of infrastructure and crushing poverty led to increasing justified anger and resistance against the Venezuelan government. The US-imperialism has used this justified anger against the so-called „Socialism of the 21st Century“ to place a US-friendly government in Venezuela.

The failed coup showed that the US has not been able to achieve this as of yet. This shows that the Venezuelan population does not back this open intervention, for they know what to expect from the main enemy of the peoples of the world.

This does not mean that they should band together with other imperialists, such as Russia and China. Which will not end the dependency of Venezuela to foreign capital and will not lead to Venezuela to liberate itself from imperialist oppression and thus hinder its development.

The only way to truly fight off the imperialists in the long-term, is to develop a consistent anti-imperialist path in Venezuela. One that manages to unite the forces of the oppressed, which trusting in their own power should take the next steps in the fight against oppression and exploitation. This struggle can only be lead by forces, that understand the necessity of a New Democratic Revolution as the only method of solving the national oppression by the imperialists, thus putting forward the interests of the majority of the Venezuelan people!

The international solidarity plays a pivotal role in this. The struggle of the Venezuelan people is the struggle of the oppressed and exploited masses worldwide. For that reason this open aggression of US-imperialism and the meddling of other imperialists in Venezuela has to be condemned by every progressive and revolutionary forces!

Support the justified struggle of the Venezuelan people!

Down with Imperialism!

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