International May First - Some Impressions

All over the world the workers, oppressed people and revolutionaries went for demonstrations and struggles on May First! Following we document some of the first impressions of the actions:


A red block was marching on May First in Stockholm!



Revolutionary forces from Austria and Turkey jointly proclaimed a lively, militant and internationalist expression on May 1st in Austria!



In Germany many revolutionaries and anti-imperialists demonstrated on May First in several cities under slogans of proletarian internationalism. Tens of thousands took part in Berlin, hundreds were in militant confrontation with the police. The day before, there were mobilization actions to propagate the militant tradition of May First.



Thousands of people protested in front of the presidential office in Taipei to during the annual Labour Day to demand higher wages and labour rights, according to local media. The head banner reads, 'shorten working hours, no overfatigue.'


Thousands of people demonstrated in France, there were militant actions against police. The call for boycott the EU-election was also represented in the demonstration!


Garment workers and other labour organisation members took part in a rally to mark May Day, International Workers' Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh


More than 1,000 people came on Thursday, May 2nd to Kulykove Pole in Odessa to lay flowers in memory of the victims of the fascist massacre in 2014. The tragic events left 48 people dead. Most of them perished inside the Trade Unions House, which was set on fire during the fascistic coup of the pro-EU forces in Ukraine.


On May 1, 2019 in Contagem, Minas Gerais, was an intervention of the classist and combative bloc formed by workers, public officials and popular movements that are working for the construction of the General Strike of National Resistance.


Revolutionaries in Austin hold up “100 years of the communism in the USA” on May First.