INDONESIA – 272 election helpers dead of exhaustion

Following the Indonesian presidential elections that happened in the first half of April, 272 election helpers have died.

The reason: sleep deprivation and exhaustion related diseases! What they died for was of course the monstrous bureaucratic carnival called by the western media the “biggest election happening on one day”.

The government spent a fortune in this election. And now that money didn’t even seem to help employ enough election helpers to do the job without a death toll of almost three hundred. Where the money was used, we see when we look into the country of Malaysia: About a week before the elections 40,000 – 50,000 fake ballots were found there, ready to be shipped as votes from Malaysias big Indonesian community. Interestingly they were all marked in favor of Joko Widodo – the candidate that won the elections.

The money that the exploited Indonesian people - who are forced to live in horrible social conditions - would desperately need for themselves is being spend on an enormous amount of propaganda, corruption and fraud. So much, that there is not even enough left for the government to ensure that the people working for the election to happen will survive it.

It is clear that this “biggest election happening on one day” is nothing but another burden on the Indonesian people and their country, laid on them by the Imperialists.

#Indonesia #Election